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Job Description:

To conduct a well-planned, comprehensive and intelligent physical inspection, analysis, evaluation and interpretation according to directives, legislation, physical evidence and other relevant information or lack thereof, collect, request, question and refer relevant evidence and accurately report on the findings with potential recommendation to enable and/or execute informed legitimate decision, in order to facilitate legitimate trade and protect and safeguard goods, economy/society

Job Responsibilities:

  • Effectively plan and schedule own activities to continuously improve quality and service delivery in area of specialisation.
  • Communication of situational interpretation and judgement of work outputs and queries in area of specialisation.
  • Participate in all visibility exercise, activities and interventions such as gate checks, rummages, patrols, roadblocks, static checks etc. as well as the execution of related arrival and exit activities /duties.
  • Professional interactions with all internal and external stakeholders according to protocol and legislation.
  • Execute process and procedural change, implement the change and provide guidelines and support related to new requirements as a result of the change.
  • Accumulate information and provide reports with recommendations applicable to area of specialisation.
  • Execution of all duties and interrogation according to paramilitary discipline and the maintenance of physical fitness.
  • Apply practical and applied knowledge and act authoritatively on methods, systems and procedures to identify trends and potential risks.
  • Ensure utmost attention to detail with regards to sample collection, handling, management, sharing transportation, recording, reporting and hand overs so as it can be utilised as substantiating evidence and it will enable.
  • Interrogate, interview, question, request, inspect and search for information and evidence in order to ascertain the level of compliance or non-compliance.
  • Correctly apply applicable legislation, including amongst others policies, procedures, and SOPs in the delivery of work outputs.
  • Gather, secure and collate the relevant information and exhibits in the chain of evidence to contribute to, present and represent evidence in the court of law or other legal structure that will result in successful prosecution.
  • Use practical and applied knowledge and situational judgement to consider policy implications and to arrive at decisions / conclusions.

Job Requirements:

  • Tariff BASIC
  • Physical Control EU
  • Valuations BASIC
  • GOC Confidential
  • Documentary Control EU
  • Search and Seizure (Compliance Comp)
  • Surveillance EU
  • Rules of Origin BASIC

Qualification & Experience:

  • Senior Certificate (NQF 4) and 6 years import and export related experience.
  • Relevant National Diploma / Advanced Certificate (NQF 6) in a commerce related field and 3-4 years’ experience in an import and export environment, of which 1-2 years ideally at knowledge worker level.

Job Details:

Company: South African Revenue Service – SARS

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Functions: N/A

Job Location: Beitbridge, Limpopo, SA

Application Deadline: N/A

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